Easy Sweet Solution – Walgreens #IceCreamRun

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Easy Sweet Solution – Walgreens #IceCreamRun

A hot summer day, a full day of playing outside, and ice cream. Yes, those are some of my favorite childhood memories. I always loved being able to grab the biggest ice cream possible from the neighborhood ice cream truck as a kid. Licking happily as a ice cream dripped down my arms…oh yes, the sweetness of summer! Now as a parent, I LOVE being able to create those special ice cream memories with my own kids. And hey, the pictures are priceless.

Today is Labor Day, a day that I treasure now that I work from home. With the whole family here, we love taking advantage of a day that we get to spend together. The outdoors is calling, which is the PERFECT time to indulge in a delicious ice cream treat. Living in a neighborhood where ice cream trucks are few and far between, we have an easy sweet solution.


Head to your local Walgreens and grab what you are craving. From chocolate covered Magnum ice cream bar to a fruity sweet Popsicle, you have your whole family covered for a delicious taste of summer. Walgreens has all of your family’s favorite Unilever ice cream brands like Magnum, Breyers, Klondike, Fruttare, and Popsicle! No more waiting for the ice cream truck or making a grocery store stop, you can stop by your neighborhood Walgreens for a sweet solution at a yummy price. Good thing the Walgreens is right up the road for me. Now should I get that Klondike or the Fruttare Bar?

What are your family’s favorite ice cream memories?

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  1. This is the first time we’ve lived in a neighborhood where an ice cream truck drives through. My girls love it but I prefer mine from the grocery store!

  2. I love Walgreens. Mainly because I’m an ice cream fiend, and I can always find whatever I’m craving. I can just snag it while I’m getting all of my other stuff.

  3. We no longer eat ice cream but I recall how my kids loved h e cream truck

  4. We have one right on the corner and make ice cream runs quite often! I love picking up a pint of sorbet!

  5. Heading out for ice cream after school on Friday, but only if my child did good in school and didn’t have to have the teacher talk to me. Most of the times we go, rarely do we need to stay home. Walgreens is so close to my house that we tend to drop by there often if we need something sweet and it’s late at night and my DH doesn’t feel like driving all the way to the grocery store.

  6. Aww super cute picture! And I was JUST telling my hubby to pick up some Magnum ice cream bars next time he goes shopping.

  7. Fudgesicles and Dreamsicles are my favorites, even though I rarely buy them anymore. Hubs likes the drumstick cones!

  8. I think our favorite family ice cream story is when I threw a summer ice cream party for my girls and their friends. We had tons of ice cream and toppings!

  9. You just said my two favorite words. Ice and cream. YUM!

  10. I could so get into that. Love Walgreens

  11. I love that Walgreens has such a great ice cream selection. It makes for such a convenient stop!

  12. i’m giggling at don’t wait for the truck. the ice cream truck has gone by our house approx. 8 times in 9 years. although it did today, when we were in the pool! i’d much rather head to walgreens.

  13. I always pick up ice cream from Walgreen’s when I’m there. Nothing goes with prescriptions or band-aids like some ice cream to make everyone feel better!

  14. How fun ice cream is always a favorite around here. Easy for summer fun too!

  15. Ice cream runs are the best. :) We love enjoying our ice cream while relaxing on our deck outside.

  16. We actually pick up ice cream at Walgreens very often! It’s so much easier to run into Walgreens than it is to actually go into the grocery store. :)

  17. I don’t have a local Walgreens, but yay for ice cream! My kids love getting an ice cream treat. With the heat and humidity we have been having in NH it’s been a welcomed treat!

  18. i have to see what my store carries. I love having sweet treats in our freezer

  19. That’s too precious! :) We love popsicles on hot summer days. Today would have been perfect it’s so hot out!

  20. I love that picture of her with the popsicle! She’s too adorable. :)

    I remember when I was little, I lived for the ice cream truck. We don’t have one that drives through our community.

  21. Ice cream trucks can be fun for kids, but I’d rather have the selection you get at the store.

  22. We just got some Klondike and Magnum bars at Walgreens not long ago. That’s good stuff! :)

  23. We love ice cream around here. Those magnum bars are so yummy!

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