Value Your Beauty with Dove & Family Dollar: Coupon + Contest

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Value Your Beauty with Dove & Family Dollar: Coupon + Contest

When I think of inspiring women in my life, there’s always one that makes me smile. She is unique, funny, and always reminds me how important it is to BE YOURSELF. Let me introduce you to my grandmother, who is lovingly called “Obachan.” Pronounced Oh-ba-chan, my grandmother named herself after the Japanese phrase for “Nana” because “Grandma make me sound OLD!”

Obachan is originally from Japan. She met my grandfather during World War II in Japan. There they met, fell in love and came home with my grandfather to settle in New York. Obachan left her heritage, everything and everyone she knew to follow her heart. She had to learn English, American customs and basically start her life over again. Talk about the strength of true love! After 4 kids, over 50 years of marriage and now at the beautiful and young age of “80-something” (I know she would NEVER want me to tell everyone her real age! “Telling woman’s age is rude!”), my Obachan still talks in broken English, has a sharp mind and a quick tongue, and reminds me everyday that beauty is more than one’s appearances. My Obachan’s true beauty comes from her heart. A heart for following one’s dreams, true love and the strength to make a new life.

Do you have a woman in your life that brings value to the beauty in your life? Now is a great chance to feature that person and win!


Show Off Your Real Beauty and Win!

Want a chance to win a trip to New York City? Be sure to show off your real beauty! Just snap a picture of you and an inspiring woman in your life. Upload that picture with hashtag #FDBeautyIs in your caption to win a dream trip from Dove and Family Dollar! Here’s how:

1. Snap a picture of you and an inspiring woman
2. Upload that picture to Twitter or Instagram
3. Register with your information HERE.
4. Post your picture URL (from twitter or instagram) for an extra entry each day (you might even see your picture featured!)

Grab your $2 Coupon

Now that you’ve entered to win, be sure to grab your exclusive savings! Grab $2 off your next purchase of any 2 participating Dove items at Family Dollar now through 6/26. Great way to save a little more on those amazing skin-so-soft Dove products we love!

I value the beauty I see in my “Obachan” everyday. Who’s beauty do you value?

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  1. I use a lot of Dove products. My under arms are very sensitive and their deodorant is the only one that doesn’t give me a rash.

  2. I love using Dove products always have,lovely picture and a great story.

  3. I love this post! You are gorgeous! We started using the Dove Mens line and we are trilled with it!

  4. I so love Dove. They are my product/brand of choice! Your Obachan is beautiful! :)

  5. I really love Dove products!

  6. What a great campaign. I really love everything Dove does to help with our perception of beauty.

  7. I like the story of your Obachan; she sounds wonderful. I think my mom is pretty terrific too. I love Dove’s messaging!

  8. I like Dove and I like the campaigns they are doing. I would also really like to win a trip to NYC. 😉

  9. Your Obachan sounds like a great lady! Thanks for the info about this contest!

  10. What a beautiful grandmother. She is an incredible women and definitely an inspiration.

  11. I love Dove! What a wonderful post to share for a Dove campaign. Great product too, they do a lot for promotion of real beauty. Happy post!

  12. Your grandmother sounds like a wonderful lady! It’s so lovely that you have her to look up to.
    I do like Dove products. Their deodorant goes on so smooth!

  13. Awesome coupon and that trip – I’d love to win! I’m totally entering!

  14. She looks like a great person, and sounds very knowledgeable. What a beautiful bond.

  15. I value the beauty of all the amazing individuals God has placed around me. So thankful and blessed because of each of them.

  16. I really like Dove brand products and their messaging. My favorite is their deodorant!

  17. Thanks for the coupons- I use dove stuff all the time!

  18. I love Dove products and the message they send. Thanks for the coupon.

  19. Awwwww your Obachan is so pretty and sounds like an amazing woman! Ps. we LOVE DOVE here!

  20. Dove is one of my favorite brands for beauty products. Love them

  21. What a fantastic promotion. I love how Dove regularly embraces the concept of encouraging women to see their own beauty.

  22. For me it is actually my daughter’s. They inspire me to be better. My family is very messed up and none of them inspire me. They are very negative people and I tend to not go around them often but just enough to stay connected. I really wish that there was someone in my family that I could look up to. I know that is sad. I turned to the internet to teach me how to be a better Mother & wife, how to do my daughter’s hair, how to educate them, how to cook. Everything.

  23. $2 off is a pretty awesome coupon. Thanks so much for sharing!

  24. I value the beauty of my children. I love the light in their innocent eyes- so magical!

  25. You both look beautiful. I love Dove products.

  26. I loved hearing about your Obachan and what a special picture! This is such a fantastic campaign!

  27. What a sweet story about your Obachan! Thank you for sharing. And, gotta love the coupon too.

  28. I am a big deodorant fan when it comes to dove products. I havent tried much else but I think this is a great story. Will have to be on the lookout for more products.

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