Embracing & Living the American Dream with MassMutual

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Embracing & Living the American Dream with MassMutual

With the state of our economy today, I have heard many people talk about how “The American Dream is Dead.”

I couldn’t disagree with them more. 

If the American Dream was dead, then I wouldn’t be here today.

I LIVE the American Dream everyday. Literally. At 3 months old, I was adopted from a foster family in Seoul, South Korea and united with a real American family. I am a first generation American immigrant. And knowing how blessed and fortunate I am to even have the opportunity to live in a country that has so many freedoms and dreams, I do not take everyday on this earth lightly.

I want to ensure that my American Dream is passed on to my children and their children. Family, a home, food on the table, financial stability and hope for a better future are all a part of my American Dream. And yes, while our economy may not be as thriving as it once was, we can change, adapt and build our dreams with good decisions and open communication. Embracing life’s challenges and creating a new definition of “The American Dream” can not only give us hope but a promise of a better tomorrow.

According to MassMutual’s State of the American Family Study:

American families hold four core values when it comes to their finances:

1. Putting family first;
2. Being actively involved in household financial decisions;
3. Educating children about money; and
4. Making sure that children aren’t burdened by parents’ care as they age.

These core values emerged across a broad spectrum of people. And while some groups weighed higher importance on one of these core values over another, results show that when it comes to family finances, Americans are actually more alike than not.

It’s amazing how much we focus on FAMILY when it comes to finances. It couldn’t ring more true in ours as well. My husband and I work hard to provide the best possible future for our children. We talk openly with each other regarding our financial struggles and important money decisions. Sure, our “American Dream” has been adjusted and redefined a few times. But we’ve also aimed higher, reached further, embraced more, and still dream BIGGER.

We are taking action to embrace and live the American Dream everyday, in hopes of providing the BEST opportunities and footprints for our children tomorrow. Saving for college educations, paying off debt, planning for retirement all while ensuring that FUN memories are included are important pieces to our dream.

The American Dream is how YOU define it, for yourself, your family, your future.

Take hold of YOUR American Dream. Learn how MassMutual can help families achieve their American Dream today with the MassMutual Family Finances study. You’ll also find great resources and tools, including kids’ games and activities to educate them on money, finances and savings. NOW is a great time to define the American Dream for your family.

How are you living the American Dream today?

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